Trade Fair Malaysia: What Should Exhibitors Expect And Prepare?

When you think of trade fairs in Malaysia or business conferences in Malaysia, what usually comes to mind? If you thought of the virtual Selangor Summit or Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS), then you’re on the right path to understanding more economic growth plans in Malaysia’s pipeline. As trade shows go virtual for global reach in the coronavirus era, we’ll discuss what fair exhibitors can expect and what to prepare for as this business conference brings together movers and shakers in the F&B industry and ASEAN marketplace to share insights. With Malaysia remaining steadfast in championing regional trade and demonstrating commitment to the region by hosting the virtual APEC 2020 summit, virtual trade fairs help boost the economy post-COVID and generate economic growth. 2021 is looking to shape up nicely as the world’s largest halal exhibition will be held in Malaysia in Q1. 

If this is your first time, read up about business conference etiquette and common practices to help you be more prepared, it will definitely be a shame if you run out of business cards to give halfway or miss out a key speaker. Even as China’s largest trade show struggles to excite in a virtual format, read on to find out what exhibitors can expect and prepare, how to make the most of the fair and if you have any suggestions to add, feel free to let us know below!

Planning your time

Goes without saying but reading through the schedule to know what events are lined up will allow you to plan resources for peak periods or to tie in with certain speakers. Time is precious so know when your target audience will be online and prepare accordingly.

Preparing yourself

Apart from doing due diligence to research other exhibitors, learning how to give a compelling elevator pitch will work in your favour on a virtual conference. When busy participants are filtering through various online rooms, having a compelling introduction will help in convincing investors and customers. 

In addition, knowing what upcoming, past or delayed trade fairs can also help to tailor the materials you bring to the table. 

Tapping on external resources

Recently announced, the Market Development Grant by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) boost their sales in markets beyond Malaysia amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. allowing applications for reimbursements of expenditures for participation in virtual international trade exhibitions, as well as business meetings through virtual trade missions.

Here’s another reason to tap on this grant — local SMEs can also leverage the grant to reimburse the expenses incurred due to cancellations or postponements of trade events. 

With trade shows limping back to life across the world, preparing for both virtual and physical exhibitions with safety measures will be part of the new normal. As exhibitors, preparing for online and offline trade fairs might be twice as much effort than before, but with more connections and more people online hybrid trade shows augmented by digital media, the payoff can double or triple. 

If the above points are already covered, one last thing we hope to leave you with is being agile and adaptable. Being able to pivot your resources and engage consumers with the latest mediums can put you ahead of many others. 

Drop us comment or message us on what you think exhibitors can expect and prepare!