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7– 10 October 2021

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,
Kuala Lumpur


Selangor ASEAN Business Conference

Be a part of the next economic revolution in the 5th Selangor ASEAN Business Conference, committed towards Empowering Tomorrow, Today!. Discover the most recent developments and way forward in vital economic integration, market access and opportunities in the ASEAN region in a gathering of key economic leaders from around the world including government delegations, high-profile industry players, trade associations, business chambers and international investors. 

Why Attend?

Discover the future roadmap of the ASEAN economic landscape.
Take part in the discussion for economic integration, market access and new opportunities in the ASEAN region.
Network with key economic leaders from around the world from both government and private sectors both physically and virtually.
Access on-demand content including webinars and conferences anytime, anywhere through our virtual platform.

SABC Themes


Gateway To Trade & Investment Opportunities In ASEAN

Encompassing Key Industries Such As Food & Beverages, Life Sciences And Bio-technology. During That Year, SABC Also Included A 1-day Industrial Site Visit To Pulau Indah A.K.A Selangor’s Halal Hub And Selangor Bio Bay.


Driving Sustainable Economic Growth Within ASEAN Economic Community

Took On Current Issues And Opportunities That Impact The Business Landscape In ASEAN. Featured Panel Discussions That Analyses Market Insight As Well Trends, With The Primary Aim Of Driving Sustainable Economic Growth Within The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Key Topics Themed; Food For Thought, Deciphering ASEAN, ASEAN Economic Integration, Entrepreneurship (Youth & Women), Halal And, Belt And Road Initiative (Mandarin Session)


Towards Enriching ASEAN Economic Community

Initiated Discussions On The ASEAN Economic Community Vision 2025, With Strong Emphasis On Creating A Cohesive And Competitive Environment That Is Innovatively Dynamic Through An Economic Strategic Alliance. Also Included A Panel Session On RCEP And How The Agreement May Bring Threats And Opportunities To The Business Communities.


ASEAN: A Beacon Of Light In A Pandemic-hit World Economy

Initiated Discussions On Opinions And Expert Advice On Key Issues Affecting ASEAN Member Countries In The Light Of A Pandemic-hit World Economic Scenario And ASEAN’S Response.

11:00AM-12:15PM (GMT +8)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is gaining momentum in an unprecedented speed and its significance has become even more undisputable in the post pandemic economy.  Companies now recognise that it is crucial not only to understand how it could change businesses, but also to embrace it and take full advantage of the opportunities it provides.   

The Panellists of this Webinar will share their insights on how companies could adopt, adapt and nurture technology to be competitive today, and future-proof tomorrow.


Ben Ibrahim

TV Host


Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar

Chairman and Chief Executive, PETRA Group


Heru Dewanto

President of Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII), Indonesia


Dr. Ichsan Ichsan

Business Advisor, PT Awina Sinergy Inernational, Indonesia

11:00AM-12:15PM (GMT +8)

Workforce around the world was forced to lock down, or work from home unexpectedly in 2020.  Some businesses and workforce are still struggling today, some are coping well and some even have discovered advantages and benefits of the new normal and the new way. The Panellists of this Webinar will share their experiences in how their businesses and workforce are coping, how the meaning of human resource could be re-defined, and how efficiency, productivity and performance could be managed and evaluated.


Ben Ibrahim

TV Host


Teh Sook Ling

Executive Director,
Selangor Human Resource Development Centre, Malaysia


Dr Dzaharudin Mansor

NationalTechnology Officer,
Microsoft Malaysia


Animesh Murkherjee

Chief People Officer,
Lazada Malaysia

11:00AM-12:15PM (GMT +8)

SMEs and Entrepreneurs are often regarded as national assets that could be refined, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent. SMEs and Entrepreneurs maybe limited in resources, but they always make up with creativity, innovation and unconventional solutions. The role of SMEs and entrepreneurs in any economy is undisputable in terms of wealth creation, job creation, as well as the creation of new  business models.

The Panellists of this Webinar will share their experiences as SMEs and entrepreneurs, and how they seize untapped opportunities to become successful.


No. F1-2-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AG, CityPark, i-City , 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

(+6) 03 5510 2005

7 - 10 October 2021

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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