How A Business Conference Helps Business Growth & Development

Business conferences in Malaysia and business events are expected to see a recovery by the third quarter (Q3) quarter of 2021. With vaccines being slowly rolled out and populations being vaccinated, business conferences are making a cautious recovery. In one case, a major Asia-focused tech conference announced in December 2020 that it was ditching Hong Kong in favour of Malaysia. Also recently named as best conference and exhibition destination in Asia, Malaysia has seen growth in recent times. Business conferences are still invaluable to businesses by helping to establish your brand’s credibility, sharing insights about the latest industry developments and building networks.

Conferences are where people meet — virtually or physically, to discuss and share ideas and business plans. Developing relationships with other industry players can help widen your network connections and in turn, sales and other economic growth opportunities. Here’s how a business conference helps with local business growth and development.

Making connections

Being able to attend the right events can give your organisation the break it’s been looking for. Having the right team members, leaders, investors, customers, suppliers so on and so forth can bridge gaps in your organisation and provide the right skills to get things running. 

Therefore, where can you meet these people? Business conferences. Creating connections whether on social media or physical relationships can also come in handy at different stages of your career or the organisation’s growth. In a world full of people and human connections, having these relationships and friends can help create win-win relationships. Also, knowing the right conference etiquette can set you apart.

Growing the team

When attending or conducting a business conference, networking sessions and other small events can bring together complementary businesses, suppliers, customers and potential partners. 

Not just limited to the director attending, subordinates and employees attending also can develop networking skills, connect with their peers and enhance internal business processes. Allowing employees to attend such conferences will expose them to more information, experience and skills that can value-add to the organisation. Economic growth comes from the team working and learning together, as well as being able to implement new processes that see profitability and growth.

Establishing your brand

Brand exposure can be critical for organisations just starting out and for brands to want to explore foreign markets. Business conferences also have advertising spots which can help show your business proposition to a ready group of your target audience, versus putting ads on TV for a wide range of audiences. 

Sponsoring certain aspects of the business conference can also help get people talking about your brand. For example, sponsoring refreshments at a food-related event like the Selangor International Expo would help get people talking. Your brand awareness would increase and people will associate your brand with good food. How great is that? 

Learning industry best practices and insights

Learning is a constant journey if organisations are looking to improve. Attending business conferences in Malaysia like the Selangor ASEAN Business Conference help many learn from some of the best organisations in ASEAN and new practices that have made an impact. These conferences can also widen your perspective and knowledge about any peripheral businesses related to your core offerings that could help take you to the next level. 

With topics like “Maintaining Regional Prosperity Amidst Crises” and an “ASEAN Rebound To Recovery”, giving your business acumen fresh information and different views will help business growth and development in the long run. 

Understand and developing growth  

Growth does not come easy to many organisations. However, those with the mindset, information and right leadership can strive to overcome these challenges and see positive business growth and development through the right connections and opportunities. Take this leap of faith and be the difference you want to see in your industry. Let us know if you have any questions you might have about the virtual Selangor International Business Summit!