Business Conference Malaysia: Conference Etiquettes and Common Practices

Remember the last time you actually visited a business conference physically? Regardless of which industry you’re in, attending and making the most of a business conference is a crucial step towards your personal growth and the growth of the company you’re in. Learning insights and trends about your industry is one of the reasons you should go to a business conference. What could be better than experiencing that in person at the Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS), the premier business conference in Malaysia?

The prospect of meeting leaders and experts from the same industry can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. For a first-timer at a business conference, it can be more of the latter than the former especially when it comes to key business events in Malaysia for 2020.

Preparing for the conference both physically and mentally is one way to calm the nerves. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

Dress Appropriately

Starting with the dress code, it’s important to note what’s the appropriate wear when attending business conference. Dressing well helps with making a good first impression on such a big scale.
Most conferences require formal business wear, which means a suit and tie for men and a suit and closed-toe shoe for women. On the rare occasions for business casual, a sport coat for men and pantsuits plus an appropriate jacket for women would suffice.
When the dress code is not clearly stated, look up the pictures or the media gallery of previous years’ conferences to get a gauge. Or, you can always err on the safe side and overdress instead. If you’re still unsure, be sure to read articles that offer insights on the do’s and don’t of a virtual conference!

❗️COVID-19 Guide ✅

Focus on what’s visible to the camera.

You can and should, dress to the nines. Besides, looking good doesn’t harm anyone.
Don’t forget your background. Ensure a clean space around you as well.
Prepare a glass of water beside you especially when you are required to speak.
Lessen the distractions around you. (i.e. lock your doors if your children are in the house) and notify people in the house that you are engaged in a meeting/conference.
Test your WIFI connection and ensure stability throughout the conference period. The lesser your hiccups, the more focused and productive you will be!

Prepare a Checklist to Achieve

You’re attending the business conference for a reason — whether it’s to find a job, an employee, a new connection, or trends, you need to make sure of the insights you get out of the conference before you depart.
Here are some quick tips!
✅ Identify your goals prior to even deciding to go for a conference or not
Research on the Key Opinion Leaders and make notes of their discussions or speeches. Work on the actionable takeaways right after the conference.
✅ Make a schedule based on your research and be sure to position yourself in all the right places. Only attend the programmes that you’re interested in and connect with the event or speakers after the end of the session (i.e. LinkedIn’s a great start!)
Preparation is key when you attend business conferences in Malaysia, or anywhere in the world.

Find Conversations

Conversations are the essence of networking at a business conference. It’s up to you to find these opportunities for conversations without disrupting the flow of the event.
Generally, most participants will use breaks between talks and presentations to start conversations with others. Typically, you’ll end up talking to the ones near you.
Venturing out is a must to those who want to expand their network. If you’re a little on the reserved side, you can try to start a conversation with those in line at the refreshment table around you.

Start Conversations

Starting a good conversation is the key to having a ‘successful’ business conference. You may know where to start your conversations, you’ll still need to prepare for them, in the same way you would prepare for an interview.
Practise your best elevator pitch to give an introduction of who you are to the people you meet. It doesn’t have to be perfectly executed at every turn, but you shouldn’t be stuttering at the start of a conversation.
Another thing you can prepare is a list of conversation starters. In order to have interesting conversations, you’ll need to learn more about the topic you’d like to talk about and tailor questions and discussions around it.
✅ Pro Tip: Avoid holding a cold drink in your right hand. This will keep you from having awkwardly cold and moist handshakes.

Stay Focused

Most business conferences run for hours and there is a lot that can be packed into those few hours. In order to not miss anything, it’s important for you to take notes.
Be it a new connection’s contact information or key learning points from the presentations, note-taking ensures you retain all the essential knowledge form the conference.
As much as possible, avoid being on your phones or laptops replying work emails or messages. The best practice would be to put your phones on silent mode and set out-of-office automated replies.

While physical business conferences in Malaysia may still be a ways to go amidst the pandemic, some of these tips are still relevant in virtual business conferences, such as our Selangor ASEAN Business Conference in Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS).

With Kuala Lumpur listed among top 10 business events destinations in Asia, there is even more to look forward to. Hopefully, we have helped to shed some light on some of the best practices and etiquettes of business conferences for you. Drop us a message to meet industry leaders and learn more from the most important food & beverage business conference of the year in Malaysia.